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EOS SPARTIS - We walk in Nature on Wednesday, June 5

EOS SPARTIS - We walk in Nature on Wednesday, June 5

Agia Irini - Karagiannaiika - Agios Georgios
The Greek Mountaineering Association of Sparta will take place, as part of its action, we walk in nature, afternoon walk on Wednesday 5-6-2024 and specifically on the route: Agia Irini - Karagiannaiika - Agios Georgios- and return.  We start from Agia Irini square towards Loggastra village. After about 100 meters from the exit from the village turn left on the road which we follow for about 700 meters and reach the chapel of Agios Sostis. We continue crossing the river Knakionas from the old stone arched bridge and ascend the path to Karagiannaiika of Trypi. Going on the asphalt road Sparta-Trypi after about 60 meters turn left and in about 5 minutes we reach the Holy Kingdom. We continue the path between oaks, olives and bushes and in about 15 minutes we reach the top of the hill where Agios Georgios is built at an altitude of 547 m. The view is unique. You gaze at the peak of Parnon, the valley of Sparta, the castle of Mystras and peaks of northern Taygetos.The route is suitable for all ages and for families with children. There is no participation fee. The aim is the initiation into the activity of hiking, the mild exercise, the enjoyment of nature and the acquaintance with the Association, its action and the nearby paths of our region.

It is recommended to use sports clothes and shoes, while do not forget to take with you waterproof, water and possibly some snack.

Route details:
Duration: 2 to 2,5 hours approximately
Degree of difficulty: A Easy
Departure time: 5,15 From library. 5,30 From Agia Irini Square.

For more information, contact the coordinators of the activity Theodoros Kalamatianos tel 697484425 and Pappa Panagiotis tel 6945832701