Parnonas Refuge

The refuge of Parnonas is located at Arnomousga, above the village of Vamvakou in Lakonia...
Parnonas Refuge  at Arnomousga area - altitude 1420m  - 37 15 39.3 N 22 35 05.0 E
• Capacity: 34 people
• The shelter does not have electricity
• Heating: Stove and fireplace
• Water supply: natural water source at a distance of 200m
• Kitchen organized with gas for cooking
• Indoor toilets

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About Reservations in the Parnonas Refuge, call the refuge manager Panagiotis Pappas, phone. 6945832701

History of the Refuge

The mountain refuge of Parnonas, George Papatheodorou (George Pierce), was founded in 1970 on a piece of land purchased for this purpose by Mountaineering Club of Sparta and opened on October 12, 1973. The entire project was covered by donation of George Papatheodorou Greek - American from Vamvakou village whose vision was the creation of a sports center in the area in memory of the heroes of the Greek Revolution of 1821.