Taugetos Refuge

The refuge of Taygetos is located at Varvara, above the village of Toriza in Lakonia...
Taygetos Refuge - At Varvara location at an altitude of 1,550m - 36 57 01.9 N 22 22 04.4 E

• Capacity: 24 people.
• Has electricity from a photovoltaic system.
• Heating: Oil stove.
• Water supply: From a tank and spring at a distance of 200 m.
• Kitchen: Organized.
• Restrooms outside the refuge.

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About Reservations in the Taygetos Refuge, call the refuge manager Panagiotis Pappas, phone. 6945832701

History of the Refuge

The construction of a refuge was the main reason for the creation of the Mountaineering Club of Sparta.
The newly formed (1937) Association managed to establish in 1938 and to complete almost by 1940 the imposing two-story mountain refuge of Taygetos. The shelter sadly was destroyed doring WW2. In 1959, 
Mountaineering Club of Sparta, Outdoor Life Department and with the assistance mainly of the Greek Ministry of Tourism, the board of directors of the club, the board of directors of Outdoor Life Department, the association of the Lacedaemonians in Attica and the Municipality of Spartan, the current refuge was built in same position using the building material of the old one and opened in 1962.