We walk in Nature

Every Wednesday, join us on small, close and short excursions...
Do you like to walk? Do you like to walk in nature? Do you like to walk in nature and do you have time in the afternoons?

Sparta Mountaineering Club continues the successful action of the afternoon walks responding to the interest of many of its friends!

Every Wednesday, join us on short, short trips for a first or second acquaintance with our local trails.
The duration of the hikes will not exceed one hour of ascent and the corresponding return time. Everyone, at their own pace, covers as much distance as they can and wants within the duration to be determined by the attendants, upon completion of this duration, everyone begins the return to the starting point.
You do not need to sign up before each excursion.You just need to be in good physical shape, have a positive attitude and observe the schedule and minimum rules that will allow us all to enjoy our activity safely and stress-free. You also don t need to incur any special costs, our action is based on everyone s voluntary contribution and the only expense involved in our movement to the beginning of each trail will be covered by the rotating availability of the cars by the participating drivers.

The necessary supplies are also very few: comfortable clothes, long pants or overalls, suitable shoes (athletics), a hat and a bottle of water.

For more information, you can contact the coordinators of the action Panagiotis Pappas (6945832701) and Dina Tirovola (6977285633). You can also send a message to the e-mail address eosspa@otenet.gr and leave us your email so that we can inform you about the program.