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EOS SPARTIS April 14 Northern Taygetos and Lagadiotissa

EOS SPARTIS April 14 Northern Taygetos and Lagadiotissa

Northern Taygetos and Lagadiotissa


On Sunday 14 April the EOS Sparta will make a crossing of the northern Taygetos. We will start from the climbing park of Lagada and will climb the peaks of Twins Longastra 1785m,Xerovouna Sustiano 1852m, Pyrgaki 1732m, Xerovouna Kastoreio 1426m and will end up at Kastoreio. The route is demanding and difficult.

March times 10 to 11.
Level of difficulty category C
Gathering at 07.15 at the indoor gym

Information and participation

Pappas Panagiotis tel 6945832701
Theofilogiannakos Panagiotis tel 6978110196


On Sunday 14 April the EOS Sparta organizes a hike in the gorge of Lagadiotissa. Specifically, the hike will start at 8 00 from the square of the cherimoya in Parori and will end in Sotira. On the way back to the cave temple of Lagadiotissa we will participate in the cleaning of the gorge below Lagadiotissa organized by the cultural association Parori 2011. The path to the climbing park passes by this point. The walk is about 1,30 hours but it needs a little attention because of the landslide that has occurred in the dam.

Time of the march 1,5 hour
Difficulty class A
Meeting at 08 00 at Parori square

Information and participation

Kalamatianos Theodoros tel 6974844425
Dina Tyvola tel 6977285633